Want to Become a Go-Dome® Distributor? Here’s How!

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Go-Dome®, the world’s preeminent manufacturer of portable planetariums and Newtonian 2 mirror and projection systems, relies heavily on a dedicated worldwide network of distributors/partners to spread the word about its products — and to help fulfill the mission of educating people everywhere about the wonders of the night sky.

In return, Go-Dome® rewards its distributors/partners with a competitive pricing structure, as well as opportunities to earn discounts and even free products. Basically, the more Go-Dome® products a distributor sells, the steeper discounts it will receive and the more free products it will earn. Because its distributors/partners essentially represent Go-Dome® in their respective sales territories, the company does not work with just anyone. Before Go-Dome® will consider bringing a company into its exclusive distributor/partner network, the company must prove that it is committed to making a good-faith effort to market Go-Dome® products aggressively.

Potential distributors/partners must submit a one-page proposal detailing how they plan to market Go-Dome’s® products in the upcoming year. Marketing strategies may include (but are not limited to) website presence, e-mail campaigns, trade-show exhibits, showroom displays, brochures, direct-mail campaigns, banners, and print or digital media advertising. The proposal may be submitted as a brief bullet-point summary that includes any links or supplemental materials that may be appropriate.

Potential distributors/partners also must pledge to accumulate at least five Go-Dome® reward points for the upcoming calendar year. (Reward points are awarded based on sales; each Go-Dome® product is assigned a point-value based on its sales price.)

Go-Dome® distributor/partner agreements last for one calendar year, and begin on January 1 of each year. Each year, existing distributors/partners must renew their agreement. If you are interested in becoming a Go-Dome® distributor/partner for 2013, it is not too early to begin considering how you would market the company’s products over the course of next year. For more information on distributorships, or to submit a marketing proposal for consideration, contact Go-Dome President Gary Young at young@go-dome.com.

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Gary Young is President of Go-Dome since 2005 and President and CEO of Avela Corporation, the parent company to Go-Dome.