The seating capacity of a specific Go-Dome™ depends on several factors:

        (1) whether the audience is in chairs or on the floor

        (2) the age/size of the audience

        (3) the willingness of the audience to sit closer together

        (4) the urgent request of the teacher.

Normally a 4-meter dome holds a small class, a 5-meter dome holds a large class, a 6-meter dome holds two classes, and a 7 or 8-meter dome holds three classes. All of these capacities have the dome configured with a Newtonian™2 projection system, chairs for teachers along the back wall, and students seated in rows on the floor. And these capacities change with different projection systems offered by each distributor's projection solution.Before choosing a dome size, you can make a circle on the floor and practice adding students with or without chairs. A fisheye projector in the center of the dome and circular seating around the dome reduces the capacity slightly.

Typical class size of 35 in a 5 meter Go-Dome™.

The illustrations below represent round and theater seating for 4 to 9 meter Go-Dome™s. The grey squares are the size of standard folding chairs that can be reasonably placed for safe operations. Of course if ground seating is preferred, the the capacity will change depending on the age of the group.. Generally speaking floor seating will allow for more people to be seated than chairs. And if used with a Newtonian™2 projection system, the center of the dome is open for even greater seating capacity.  A simple way of calculating capacity for yourself is to draw a circle the diameter of the dome you intend to buy and sit some representative people inside your circle and do a head count.

Note: The capacity seating charts below are for maximum folding chair seating that can be obtained with our 3-5 ring domes.

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Theater Seating Arrangment
Round Setting Arrangement