Newtonian™2s are precision optical equipment that can be damaged if dropped or crushed. Also the audience should never be allowed to touch any portion of the Newtonian™2 – especially the two first surface mirrors. When setting up the Newtonian™2, be certain that it is properly positioned on the table. Also be certain that the secondary is securely fastened to the slider when in operation and to the case behind the convex primary mirror when traveling.

Take care when placing or removing the projector not to touch either of the mirrors.

Also be certain that all flashlights, lens cover, and other small items are removed from the Newtonian™ case before closing. These can scratch the primary convex mirror. Also remember to cover the back area with the plate provided. This prevents dust from entering the Newtonian™. The snug black bag for the Newtonian™ will protect it from scratches and dings when traveling.

The greatest damage happens to a Newtonian™2 in shipping or in a van or truck when a heavy item is placed over it. Because of the fiberglass construction, most of this damage can be repaired and one or both of the flrst-surface mirrors can be replaced. Such damages are not covered under warranty, but can be provided by Go-Dome™.