Preventative measures and common sense are needed to insure getting the maximum life out of all Go-Dome® products.


Our domes and Newtonian™2  are not warranted for outdoor use. Please exercise caution if you decide to use our equipment outdoors and understand that you so so at your own risk. Always make efforts to insure that you are operating in as clean an environment as possible.

As a rule of thumb, do not operate outdoors without taking persuasions and at your own risk  Do not operate in direct sunlight as dark domes absorb and magnify the suns energy into heat that exceeds 40 decrees Celsius and may damage your dome. Do not allow your dome to freeze, as the inside projection screen and crack and delaminate under such conditions.

For specific care instructions, please refer to the subheads associated with the "Care" menu head.

You will void your warranty if you allow your Go-Dome™ to become wet.

You will void your warranty if your Go-Dome is stored near freezing temperatures.

You will void your warranty if you expose your Go-Dome to direct sunlight in hot conditions.