Now available! Our most basic model- Novice-Dome.

This entry level dome is the most basic dome possible to manufacture and as such is the dome that would be useful for small groups where turn around time and ease of use is not as important. Outfitted with a 6 foot single zipper entrance, the operator will be required to hold the door open manually aiding the audience, as unaided entry would cause this simple design to collapse.

The Novice Dome is manufactured with the same high-quality opaque fabric and quality standards as our other models. The heavy-duty zipper can be covered with a Velcro flap on the interior to present a continuously smooth projection surface. Although this entry way is not as convenient as our iconic air-lock doorway, the Novice-Dome is a durable and cost-effective starter dome.

Among Go-Dome clients, it is undisputed that the airlock door of our Standard Dome is far prefered to the simple single zipper door style, but for those customers who are on a tight budget, this may be your solution. If there is one thing Go-Dome is famous for, it is out flexibility and choice of offerings when it comes to inflatable planetariums.

We offer a variety of doors to fit customer needs. Feel free to explore the website to learn more about our door choices.

  1. Standard door
  2. Wheelchair door
  3. Zodiac door
  4. Multiple doors (upon request)
  5. Custom designed doors (upon request)