Go-Dome’s Geodesic Negative Pressure Dome or Geo-Go-Dome™

Go-Dome introduces our line of Geodesic Negative Pressure Domes called Geo-Go-Dome. Our version of the stand alone geodesic negative pressure dome is uniquely designed to for easy assembly and disassembly with minimal labor erected in record time.

As an example, our 6 meter Geo-go-Dome Geodesic Negative Pressure Dome can be erected by 3 people with power hand tools and a step ladder in under 3 hours. The structure is perfect for indoors where you want to avoid the issues associated with deflating a positive pressure dome and at the same time have an open inviting space for people to come and go as they please without the feeling of being trapped inside a closed structure.

At the moment Go-Dome is offering 3 sizes of Geodesic Negative pressure Domes. Our 5 meter Geo-Go-Dome, designed for indoor use only and perfect for trade shows and indoor events. Go-Dome's 6 and 8 meter Geo-Go-Domes are designed for either indoor use or temporary outdoor use under restricted conditions.

Note on outdoor use: We have designed the 6 and 8 meter Geo-Go-Domes for  "Non-Certified Temporary Use" - so they will withstand 20 mph winds and 45 mph gusts. Under this classification, the structure can not remain erected outdoors for longer than 20 days in a row.