Are portable dome theaters educational? Profitable?

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In our database of dome systems provided by our distributors, we find domes in schools, in school systems, in universities, in museums, and in for-profit companies who support their dome programs directly through earned revenue. Go-Dome™ systems work well in all of these environments.

• In universities domes are used as outreach, as astronomy laboratories, and recently as real-time visualization labs.

• In schools and school districts, the dome engages students and delivers science concepts to many schools and/or many grade levels with different programs aligned with district, state, and national standards in science and social studies education.

• In museums and for-profits companies, the engagement and excitement roles are more important. These institutions look for full-dome movies that immerse audiences and increase their interest in particular topics. Often these programs take audiences to times and places beyond direct human experience – from inside the human body, to a distant galaxy, to a futuristic space colony. The portable dome theater brings the past, present, and possible futures to audiences of all ages.

As an example of Go-Dome™ products in action, a museum operating a portable planetarium outreach program taught over 70,000 students in the 2009-10 school year for a fee of less than $1.50 per student. This museum has provided statistics about the diversity of their school audience.

Bookings for preK-2 shows                      31%

Bookings for astronomy shows                         18%

Bookings for Earth science shows            40%

Bookings for life science shows                4%

Bookings for weather show                                                            7%

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Gary Young is President of Go-Dome since 2005 and President and CEO of Avela Corporation, the parent company to Go-Dome.

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  2. Anonymous

    These domes could certainly be useful in Florida. It rains so often and so many activities are outdoors. Can these comes also be used on tennis courts or are they not rounded enough at the top?

    • China Sourcing Gary

      Wow, my first ever comment on Go-Dome. I am still working on the site so I have not really promoted it yet. The domes are designed for mainly indoor use at this time. Used by school districts, museums and science centers.

      Domes will sit on a tennis court, but a gust of wind will flip them over. We have an over-tent solution for wind and rain but it is not advertised here. (yet) I am working on a waterproof cloth now. If I can successfully develop this cloth, that will change everything concerning outdoor domes.

      Our cloth is designed and manufactured by me in China and can not be purchased on the open market. The reason waterproof is difficult is that the cloth has to be a light grey felt on the inside as it is a projection surface. And it has to be completely opaque to the sunlight, while fire retardant as well.

      And I have that now, but not a water proof version with all these qualities and light weight too. But I hope to have that problem solved this year. Thanks for stopping buy. My Go-Dome business is booming and I will be promoting this site in a few weeks.

  3. Carynpotter

    Hi Gary, this is a really interesting and out of the box way to bring a whole new dimension to bringing the outdorrs in so as to speak. Great idea.

    • China Sourcing Gary


      We bring the cosmos to the mind. thanks for commenting.

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    These domes could certainly be useful in Florida. It rains so often and many activities are outside. Is that these can also be used in tennis, or are too rounded at the top?

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  5. Linda Grace Cox

    Hey Gary,
    This is very interesting!  Reminds me of the ‘bubble’  – a swimming pool in my sister-in-laws neighborhood. It’s looks the same as the Go-Dome but is covering the local built in swimming pool!

  6. Carla McNeil

    This is amazing!  I had no idea such a thing even existed.  It really is wonderful what you can find when you search on the internet!

  7. Willow_tale

    is there any ventillation/air flow in them?

    • China Sourcing Gary

      Yes, there are vents on the floor and a directional air intake vent to direct air flow.

  8. Seth

    Hi Gary, I sent you a couple emails via your “contact” page but have not heard back. I am interested in purchasing a unit and possibly becoming a distributor. 

    • admin


      I did not receive them or they went into my spam. Not sure which, but you can always get me at