Go-Dome™, a division of the Avela Corp., is the preeminent manufacturer of portable dome theaters and the mirror-projection equipment that these theaters use to bring the night sky into focus at any time, in any place. Thanks to a dedicated team of international distributors, Go-Domes™ are bringing the immersive, full-dome planetarium experience to schools, museums, science centers, and public venues of all kinds, worldwide.

Go-Dome™ theaters range in size from such architectural masterpieces as the Rose Center in New York to compact, lightweight 4- to 10-meter domes. Go-Dome’s™ newest offering, the Zodiac line of large domes, features permanently inflated walls and doors. Go-Domes™ of all sizes and styles share the same hemispherical shape and deliver the same immersive, exciting experience. Each Go-Dome™ incorporates state-of-the-art screen quality, interior airflow to maximize viewer comfort, and a full-sized door similar to that of a permanent theater.

Each Go-Dome™ meets international fire-safety standards as well as rigid California flame-retardant standards, and is constructed to exacting U.S. quality-control specifications. Go-Domes™ are shipped in cargo duffel bags for easy transport.

Go-Dome™ also manufactures a convex mirror-projection system called the Newtonian2™. This compact, lightweight projection system is a lower-cost and more convenient alternative to bulkier fish-eye projection systems. In fact, the Newtonian2™ is so compact it can be carried on to some airplanes! Newtonian2™ technology enables small planetariums everywhere to complement their existing mechanical optical star projectors by offering digital movie content. The large, scratch-resistant, coated, convex GO-Vex™ mirror used in Newtonian2™ is housed in an integrated case that protects it during travel and during operation. During use, the case sits on an adjustable stand in the back of the dome, leaving the best seats in the house — the center seats — free for the audience!